Alternatives to TURP


alternativves to turp

Alternatives to TURP


TUNA is a good minimally invasive treatment for prostate enlargement. It has advantages over traditional surgery in that it is less invasive and does not affect ejaculation.


A Stent is another alternative, but this is usually reserved for older men for whom a surgical procedure is particularly risky.


The same principle is used in Rezum which utilises steam for ablating the tissue.


Urolift is another less invasive procedure( which essentially is placing staples in the prostate) and another alternative is


Prostate Artery Embolization (PAE) which utilises the principle of placing coil in the blood vessels supplying prostate which shrinks the prostate.


How do I decide what treatment is necessary?


You can predict your chance of being completely unable to pass urine or needing surgery over 6 years by going to the following website ( If you register, you then need to know your age, IPSS score (also known as AUA SI) and PSA. Further information can be entered, if you have it, to improve the accuracy.

When drugs are used, it's better especially when the prostate is large or the PSA is greater than 1.5 ng/ml.