Congenital Curvature of the Penis


curved penis

Congenital curvature of the penis is quite a common condition. Usually the penis is bent downwards and is noticed by young men when they become sexually active. In most cases patients simply need reassurance that the bend is a normal variant, although in some men the bend can be quite severe such that they are unable to have intercourse.


Congenital curvature should be distinguished from Peyronie’s Disease and the treatment for men who are unable to have intercourse due to the bend preventing them from penetrative intercourse is the Nesbit’s procedure. This is where a small amount of tissue is taken on the opposite side to the bend to shorten the penis. In most cases because the bend is downwards or to the side, the Nesbit’s procedure is performed on the top of the penis or on the side of the penis.


The results, however, from Nesbit’s procedure for congenital curvature are extremely good. Grafting procedures do not work in this type of condition.

The post-operative care and indication for surgery are exactly the same as those for Peyronie’s Disease, and the patients are fully counselled before any such surgery is undertaken.